Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Better Live Up to the Hype

For the first time in years, I'm actually excited for the NBA Finals. I consider myself a pretty big NBA fans, catching every Bucks game I can, and watching a lot of random games throughout the season on ESPN and TNT. But lately, by the time the Finals come around, I've usually lost all interest, mainly because the matchups aren't very attracting.

Even thought last year had LeBron vs. the Spurs, the dominance of San Antonio made the series a little less compelling. The Heat/Mavericks series wasn't terrible, but all I remember from that Finals is that both arenas were sponsored by American Airlines. Nobody like the Pistons/Spurs matchup of '05, and the '04 matchup between the Pistons/Lakers wasn't that great either. The '03 Finals between the Spurs/Nets wasn't that entertaining either.

I guess when it comes to the NBA Finals, I'd rather see superstars and high scoring teams over the teams that play better together as a whole, especially defensively. Maybe that makes me just another stupid fan who's only impressed by shiny toys and bright objects. I've watched most of these Finals games over the last seven seasons, but I haven't looked forward to a series, and built my schedule around a series like I have with this one. Renewing the Lakers/Celtics rivarly is going to be great for the league, and I'm excited to watch it go down.

Prediction: Lakers in 6


Anonymous said...

I am very glad as well to see the Lakers and Celtics back in the finals. As a kid growing up in WI my dad always wanted me to be a Bucks fan. However it was this finals match up long ago that turned me purple and yellow. I have been a Lakers fan ever since (easier now living out west). Watching the game the other night drew me back to being a kid and thinking I was Magic in my driveway. I am with you on Lakers in 6!!!!

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