Monday, June 9, 2008

The Lemmy Channel

By now you all likely know about our partnership with one of our favorite sports gambling sites, Stock Lemon, so here's this week's installment. Remember, be sure to check the site out daily if you're looking to make some picks.

"We might be beating a dead horse at this point (RIP Eight Belles), but we have to go ahead and mention this once more. If you like betting on your home town Brewers but cannot afford to as they hover around the .500 mark, bet the under!

We pointed out two weeks ago that the unders in Brewers' games were a solid 27-20-3. Since, unders have gone 10-3 and are now a grand total of 37-23-3, which is a very profitable 61.67%. So, once again, if you want to get your Brewers betting underway, go the under way!"


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