Thursday, June 5, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers Draft Selections

---------ROUND 1---------

With the 16th pick the Brewers select....

Brett Lawrie IF/C Brookswood S.S. (Canada)

At 5'll", 200 lbs, he's a guy who could play 3B, 2B, LF, RF, or even catch. Has all fields power. Apparently in the league he played in they used wood bats and he tore up that league. He was recently with Team Canada where he hit .486. He also recently hit 5 home runs in one day during a double header. Steve Phillips, ESPN analyst, gave him a Craig Biggio comparison. Keith Law is kind of down on him, due to his position being up the air, but says if he is able to catch would be a high reward player and gave a Larry Walker comparison. SaberScouting says his pros are power, bat, and arm strength,cons are raw tools and lack of competition, comparisons of Eric Byrnes and Russell Martin.

So we have comparisons have Biggio, Walker, Byrnes and Martin, that seems like a pretty broad swath of player types.

With the large amount of MLB ready relief pitchers still available the Brewers went with a more upside guy. I would expect the Brewers to grab one of those arms with the 32 pick which is one of their sandwich picks.

(Photo from

--------COMPENSATION A---------

With the 32nd pick the Brewers select....

Jake Odorizzi RHP Highland H.S. (Illinois)

With a frame 6'2", 175 lbs, he has the projectability to fill out nicely. Has four average or above pitches. Throws both a two-seem and four-seem fast ball around 90-94 mph, and has an hammer curve. Has a commitment to Louisville and may or may not fore go college to sign with Brewers.

I personally haven't read much on him. Apparently he's an outstanding athlete and a project that could pay huge dividends. Baseball America had him going as high as 25th overall.

With the 35th pick the Brewers select....

Evan Frederickson LHP University of San Francisco

He's 6'6 and 230 lbs. of left handed power. His first couple years of college he attended Virginia Tech, but transferred to U of San Fran. He throws a great cut fastball and can locate his pitches well. His ERA was rather high this year, 4.54, but he did strike out 109 in 75 1/3 innings. He also walked 61, hopefully he learns to control that some. Sounds kind of like Oliver Perez, only bigger.

A few analysts had the Brewers pegging this player in round two. Apparently he's a smart player on and off the field and wants to one day be the president and "be the most powerful person in the world". Ha, thats what his player bio says for USF. Also his favorite movie is Braveheart. Sorry, this is really all I could dig up on him.

(Photo from USF)

--------ROUND 2--------

With the 53rd pick the Brewers select....

Seth Lintz RHP Marshall County H.S. (Tennessee)

He's 6'1" 165 lbs. He threw 116 k's in 85 innings and compiled a 1.33 ERA in his senior year. He currently is committed to U of Kentucky. He has a good curve and has the chance of having 3 above average major league pitches.

I know virtually nothing about him. He is one of the best Tennessee high school pitchers. Let's hope he doesn't turn out like fellow Tennessean Derrick Turnbow.

With the 54rd pick the Brewers select....

Cutter Dykstra CF/2B Westlake H.S. (California)

At 5'll, 180 lbs. Cutter is an above average runner with good power. Apparently he puts on a show during batting practice but doesn't always translate that to games. Makes spectacular plays but at the same time struggles with routine ones.

You guessed it folks, he's the son of former big leaguer Lenny Dykstra. He is a bigger version however and can hit for some good power. He currently plays shortstop but will most likely end up at 2B or CF because of his speed. We really like sons of former big league players. Judging by this picture, he tried out with the Brewers at some point.

(Photo from

With the 62nd pick the Brewers select....

Thomas "Cody" Adams RHP U. Southern Illinois

He's 6'2", 180 lbs. He's a Junior this year, but was projected to be a top 5 round draft pick. Has a mid 90's, electric fastball, meaning it actually shocks people as it blows past them. I love the adjectives used to describe attributes. Not a huge strike out pitcher, but he locates his pitches well and doesn't walk many batters. Only 22 walks in 107 innings last year.

(Photo from U of So. Ill.)

Round 3 Pick 94 - Logan Schafer CF Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Round 4 Pick 128 - Joshua Romanski LHP/OF University San Diego

Round 5 Pick 158 - Maverick Lasker RHP Sandra Day O'Conner H.S. (Arizona)

Round 6 Pick 188 - Jose Duran SS Texas A&M


Winks said...

Bear you are rocking this.

Anonymous said...

Baseball America ranks Brett Lawrie as one of the TOP THREE H.S. preps in strike zone awareness. They also ranked Cutter Dykstra in the TOP THREE H.S. preps in speed. That's top three in the entire nation.

I have to tip my cap to Jack Zduriencik & Co. Not only did they make some good picks, but they never really tipped their hand. Baseball America incorrectly predicted that the Brewers would pick RP Josh Fields with the #16 pick, but the Crew instead opted for Brett Lawrie. I think BA predicted that Lawrie would go #25 to Minnesota.

My sources told me that the Brewers were going to shy away from relief pitchers & focus more on multi-tool players. My sources went on to predict that the Crew would use their top pick for a guy like that SS Hewitt, but as it turns out that kid still needs A LOT of refinement & is sort of a risky pick.

Even though Jack Z kept a good poker face, it's been pretty obvious to diehard Brewer fans that their farm system needed to be restocked with starting pitchers. Six of the first 10 picks were SP.

Getting Brett Lawrie was clutch. Apparently he doubled off of both Kyle Davies & Luke Hochevar in an extended spring training game. He went on a tear against some quality pitching ... he played for a Canadian junior national team. This kid has the potential to be something big. This whole season I've been a little jealous that the Cubs now have their catcher of the future in Geovany Soto. Now the Crew might have theirs in Lawrie.

I really hope that Milwaukee can lure Odorizzi from his commitment to Louisville. The main selling point at Louisville is that they promised Odorizzi he could play at shortstop. Hopefully the Brewers can divert his attention with a nice little bonus. He's a hometown hero for the St. Louis area & has put up some pretty studly H.S. numbers.

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