Thursday, June 19, 2008

Redd, White, and Blue (Man, How Many Times Has That Been Used? Sorry About That.)

Many Bucks fans want to see Michael Redd in a different jersey next year, and that's something I could see going either way. One jersey he will be wearing, however, is that of USA Basketball. Redd, along with Tayshaun Prince, Chris Paul, and Dwayne Wade, were the first four players named to the latest version of the Dream Team. They'll be joining by eight other guys, with that announcement coming Monday.

Redd has had experience with the team before, turning in an impressive performance at the FIBA Americas tournament in Vegas last summer. I've been a critic of Redd's play on the Bucks this season, mainly because I dont think he's best suited when he's supposed to be the leader of a team. But in a role-player position where he can be the sharp-shooter beyond the arc? You won't find too many people better in the game.

I may not want him to be in a Bucks uniform, but I'm more than happy to have him representing our country.

If that makes any sense.


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