Monday, August 11, 2008

Analyzing Aaron Rodgers

We all know that even though this is the Packers first pre-season game of the season, all that is really on anyone's mind is how Aaron Rodgers will perform. Well, actually, I want to see how the offensive line and nickel cornerback battles play out as well, but Rodgers is definitely the main point of interest. Let's follow him along, with analysis along the way.

1st Quarter - 1st Drive

* Rodgers comes out to a standing ovation. Loving it.
* Rodgers completes his first pass of the game, to James Jones.
* Brandon Jackson misses a block, Rodgers is sacked.
* 3rd and 17, Rodgers hits Driver for the first down.... but Driver can't hang on. Very impressed with Rodgers right now. Oh wait, he's walking off the field holding his right hand. Oh God, please. Not this soon!

1st Quarter - 2nd Drive

* Packers defense looked very good, I might add.
* Rodgers appears to be fine.
* Couple of handoffs, Brandon Jackson not getting any holes.
* Rodgers complets the pass to Driver, 1st down. Let's not be too surprised, he is a four year pro after all.
* Sacked. Eh.
* Nice cut by Jackson, pick up the first down.
* Rodgers to Driver, Driver breaks a tackle, first down.
* Nice "Rodgers Please Be Good" sign in the crowd.
* Jackson for a couple yards.
* My brother and I were talking about how if Rodgers throws an interception, it will be all you see on Sportscenter tomorrow, even if the ball was tipped and it wasn't his fault. Right on cue, Chris Francies can't hang on for shit and the ball is picked off. Thank you, announcers, for realizing it's not his fault. Rodgers has looked near flawless so far, minus Francis' mistake.

1st Quarter, 3rd Drive

* Our defense looks really, really good.
* Quick slant to Jones, another good throw from Aaron.
* Play-action fake, Rodgers down the field to James, just threw the fingertips. Really both their fault.
* Rodgers looks same side of the field, same pass, hits Ruvell Martin. So far, so good.
* Rodgers runs about 20 yards backwards, then wisely throws it away.
* Little hitch from Driver, big 3rd down coming up.
* Overthrows Jones, have to settle for a field goal. Still coming away impressed at this point.
* Mason Crosby drills a 37 yarder, he's good.

1st Quarter, 4th Drive

* Rodgers short pass to Lee, Jackson on the run, 3rd and 2. Cincy offside. Move the chains!
* Kornheiser is comparing Rodgers to Favre because of his beard. Laaaame.
* This should be a Brandon Jackson post, he is awesome right now.
* Rodgers throws the ball away as he's falling to ground, heads up play.
* Donald Driver is also impressing.
..... Okay, Rodgers with a pass that James Jones has to reach for, and comes away with. Two Bengals come in at Jones, and his helmet falls off. Somehow Jones gets escapes free, and zig zags his way into the end zone. TOUCHDOWN RODGERS... I MEAN PACKERS!!! I love this team.

That's all for Rodgers tonight. The Bengals just worked their way down the field and it's 10-7 Packers. Brian Brohm is in now, and I'm going to kick my feet up for the rest of the night. More thoughts on the Packers game tomorrow. Enjoy the night.


Anonymous said...

I know this is tough to say after one start but Rodgers looked like a stud out there. He looked as poised in the pocket as any veteran, and barring any injuries, I think he might be our new man. That is of course if Brohm doesn't take is spot before the opening game.

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