Friday, August 22, 2008

Redemption... Almost

They may not have played their best game, but it was still 20 points better than the offering Argentina could come up with. Chris Sheridan of can explain a little better of the USA's struggles, but all that I'm concerned with is that for how off the Redeem Team might have played, they still came away winners.

The U.S. won 101-81, and will now face Spain on Sunday morning in the finals. Carmelo Anthony lead the way with 21 points, although he was just 3 for 14 from the floor. Jason Kidd had 7 dimes for the Americans and kept the team under control, while Michael Redd walked away scoreless in just five minutes of play.

We're thinking about a live blog for the finals Sunday morning, that is, if we get up. I'm participating in an Alumni Soccer tournament on Saturday, and that soreness coupled with the afterparty might make it a late morning.

Update: Just realized the game will be held at 1:30am Sunday morning. Scratch that live blog idea!


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