Friday, August 1, 2008

I Wasn't Surprised By This At All

I can't be the only one of us out there that knew the Brewers were going to win tonight, can I? Coming off a five game losing streak, including a four game sweep at the hands of the Cubs, you kind of had the feeling that the Brewers were going to take out their frustrations on whoever decided to come into their path. Unfortunately for the Braves, they were next on the Brewers schedule, and were defeated by Milwaukee 9-0.

On that same note, you kind of had the feeling that the Cubs were going to lose at Wrigley to the lowly Pirates today, too. Call it a letdown series. Baseball is a funny game, you hear that expression a lot, and I think the results of both the Cubs and Brewers games proved that.

But we don't do Cubs recaps here at The Bucky Channel, so let's talk about this nice little Brewers win, shall we? The Brewers got things started right away in the 1st with RBI's from Ryan Braun and Corey Hart. Weeks kept the bats going in the 2nd with an RBI triple, scoring Jason Kendall. Am I the only one that sort of gets mad when Rickie Weeks does well? It's so frustrating to know that he can be a good baseball player, but only shows it in flashes. Of course, as soon as I thought that, he bobbled a ball at 2nd, and all was right in the world again.

Mike Cameron and Prince Fielder added home runs in the 3th, and then the Brewers piled a few more on in the 8th, and that was that. After getting outscored some 20 runs by the Cubs over the last four games, the Brewers plated 9 tonight and restored hope to the Brewers faithful.

Now, you may think I'm forgetting something here, but I won't let it go unwritten. What a performance today by Jeff Suppan. Actually, it wasn't great, but it was seven shutout innings, even though he walked the bases loaded in the 5th inning, I believe. But still, I don't expect much from Suppan anymore, and it was good to win the first game of this series, especially with C.C. and Sheeter on the way.

More good news to report, I watched this game at the sports bar where the Brewers usually lose when I watch! Guess I have a reason to go back tomorrow (game's on FOX, 2:55, by the way).

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Alright, Jeff Suppan, you can have this one.


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