Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Glimpse into the Future

This can't be a good day for Aaron Rodgers. All off-season long, he was expecting to be the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Sure, replacing a guy like Brett Favre wasn't going to be easy, but at least he'll get the opportunity to do so.

Or will he?

If Rodgers is going to start at all for the Packers, he's going to have to earn it. The latest news in the Favre saga is that he is now being welcomed back to the Packers with open arms, and they will let him compete for the starting job. This thing has twisted and turned so often, that I could see Favre getting traded tomorrow. But if he isn't traded, and this is an open competition, then this is how I see it playing out:

Aug 5- Favre and Rodgers are on the field together again, and every pass is scrutinized. Rodgers does well, but every mistake he makes gets scrutinized. Favre does well too, and some of the veterans start to lean over to his side of the locker room. Rodgers still has the guys over for pizza. He does not invite Favre.

Aug 8 - Competition is going well, although Favre and Rodgers aren't talking much. Rodgers says that he's been preparing all year for this, and he's playing as if he's the starter. Favre is taking snaps with the second team, and looking good. Old, but good.

Aug 11 - First pre-season game against the Cincinnati Bengals on ESPN. Most watched pre-season game ever. Rodgers gets the start, throws a TD and a pick. Favre comes in the second half and throws a TD. "How can you not start Brett Favre!" announcers will cry.

Aug 12 - Favre is getting tired. He decides to hang them up. Everyone is relieved.

Aug 13 - Favre says he was pressured into being tired, he wants to come back!

Aug 14 - The Brown County Sheriff's Department rescues Mike McCarthy after he threatens to jump off the Don Huston center. "I should have stayed in San Francisco with Alex Smith!" he cries.

Aug 16 - Rodgers starts against the 49ers, Favre is back with the team and plays the 2nd half again.

Aug 17 - Rodgers (who might lose his starting spot) and Matt Flynn (who might lose his roster spot) try to bribe some of the defensive players into hurting Favre in practice.

Aug 18 - The coaching staff catches wind of this, and Favre is ordered to practice in a device similar to that of the movie "Bubble Boy".

Aug 22 - Rodgers is out with an ankle injury, and Favre starts against the Broncos in week three of the preseason. He plays decent, but throws a couple of picks and no touchdowns.

Aug 28 - Last preseason game. Rodgers starts, plays briefly. Favre plays, and Lambeau is silent when he appears injured after getting sacked. He gets sacked because he's old and can't run for shit, by the way. Favre is carted off the field.

Aug 29 - Favre is ok! He goes into Ted's office and demands to start, saying he's earned it.

Sept 4 - Rodgers is named the starting quarterback. Favre is cut by Green Bay.

Sept 6 - Reports swirl that Favre is likely to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

Sept 8, 6:03pm - Favre decides he gave it his best, and is content with being retired. The Packers admire him for being a good sport, and sign him to a $25 million marketing deal. His number is retired by the Packers, and he receives a standing ovation, like none of this ever happened.

Sept 8, 9:15pm - Minnesota 35, Packers 13.


Mr.Man said...

Nice ending. Unfortunately, that's how I see the first game going regardless.

Anonymous said...

Packers 24, Minnesota 10. Packer D is one of the best in the league. They'll show it this season Baaaby.

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