Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Official: The Olympics Are Awesome

Another hat tip to Awful Announcing, who has posted the video of one of the best moments I've ever seen in an Olympics. The man you need to remember is Jason Lezak, who comes through with a moment so clutch, that for a minute there I thought I was watching Mike Rivera hit a 3 run double all over again. Bonus points for beating the French. Here's why the Olympics are great, even if it's trendy right now not to care about them:

Update: NBC has pulled the video. To watch any sort of Olympic highlights, I guess you'll have to go here.

Awesome. That will help Michael Phelps in his quest for 8 gold medals as well, as that was Phelps toughest race (he swam the first leg). If you don't have Olympic Fever yet, you need to catch it. Especially during the late night hours, as I'm doing now. Let's go Chinese Rowing Team!


Tony Brown said...

I too noticed that most blogs are hating on the Olympics right now. I for one love caring about swimming and track once every four years.

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