Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bucks Still Headed to China

Even though Yi Jianlian is long gone from Milwaukee, the Bucks are still going ahead with their preseason trip to China. The Bucks will be matched up with the Golden State Warriors as part of the NBA China games. David Stern couldn't have been thrilled when he learned the Bucks had traded Yi, but Yi sucks so who cares.

Here's more on the schedule from JS Online:

Prior to their trip to China, the Bucks will play four games, including three in Wisconsin. The Bucks begin the preseason with a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Oct. 6. After a road game against the Detroit Pistons on Oct. 8, the Bucks will return to La Crosse to play the Dallas Mavericks on Oct. 10.

The 32nd annual MACC Fund game will be held Oct. 11 against the Pistons. Upon their return from China, the Bucks will close out their preseason schedule with road games in Minnesota on Oct. 23 and Chicago against the Bulls on Oct. 24.

Sounds good to me. The Bucks should still be well received in China, with the aftermath of the Olympics in Beijing. Those Chinese sure did love those NBA guys. They even loved Michael Redd, who saw much of the tournament from the sidelines. And apparently this trip is justified because Joe Alexander speaks Mandarin, so they'll probably like him too.


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