Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Salary Dump Trade Makes Bucks Look Stupid

Can't say I agree with this one, Mr. Hammond. Then again, I'm not the one running the franchise. The Bucks new GM continues his makeover process, dealing Mo Williams to the Cavs, and Desmond Mason to the Oklahoma City ____'s. I'm not surprised that we traded Mo and his 5-year, $45 million contract away at all. What upsets me is the inclusion of Desmond Mason in the deal.

Mason loves Milwaukee, and he was already spurned when he was traded away the first time by Larry Harris. I know the Bucks were getting a little crowded at the forward position, but Mason was I guy I hoped we'd keep. Instead, he's off to Oklahoma City for the second time (previously as a Hornet) and with the Oklahoma City franchise for a second time (previously as a Sonic).

The main reason I'm not thrilled with the deal is that it looks terrible on paper, as we didn't get much in return. From the Cavs, it's the return of Damon Jones, who I was never a big fan of, but he's pretty good from beyond the arc, so whatever.

From the _____'s, we get Luke Ridnour and Adrian Griffin. They may fit into our system nice (Griffin played for Skilies in Chicago), but it's not that captivating of a deal. Then again, any trade where Mo Williams is the headliner isn't going to be a blockbuster.

That said, I'm getting Hammond carte blanche right now, he can do whatever he wants and I'll believe in him. Even though we needed to get rid of Mo (just doesn't play well with Redd), this isn't a trade that helps us this year. Which is too bad, because his other moves seemed to be doing that.

For the record, Desmond Mason took 4th in Bucks Survivor, Mo Williams took 9th.


James said...

Just so you are aware, the Oklahoma City franchise's name is the THUNDER.

Personally I think the "Bombers" would of been an appropriate name, but I am also cold hearted and find humor in disaster. :D

Winks said...

That's what I thought too, but I don't think the NBA has ever officially said it was the Thunder.

As for the Bombers joke, that didn't go over so well last time it was attempted here.

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