Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wish Grant-ed

Remember when Samkon Gado impressed us for half a season, but instead of signing him to a big deal we shipped him to Houston for Vernand Morency. Well, we just gave Ryan Grant a $30 million dollar deal.

Now, I think Ryan Grant is a much better running back than Samkon Gado ever could have been, but nobody deserves to break the bank after 8 games of performance. Right from the start, Grant's holdout seemed to be the brainchild of his agent, who was trying to get as big of a payday as he could have (nobody gets paid for doing less in my opinion than sports agents, by the way).

I think this is a pretty reasonable deal, though. Grant gets 4 years, and up to $30 million dollars if he meets all the incentives. He'll get a $3 million roster bonus when he signs and an additional $1.25 million for playing this season.

I'm glad to see Ted and the gang give Grant the money to stay, and I'm glad that Ryan Grant will be back in camp. While I'm excited to see what Morency and Brandon Jackson can do, it's nice to have a (somewhat) established guy for Aaron Rodgers to hand off to.

Now for those of you looking for Favre news, PFT has the latest.


Anonymous said...

haha morency is still on our team.

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