Friday, August 22, 2008

Time to Start Cramming

No, Favre didn't get traded again. For the uninformed, that's Allan Evridge, the Badgers starting quarterback. Bret Bielema named his two-deep roster for the August 30th game against Akron earlier this week, and the 5th year senior will get the nod under center. So get to know this guy, he'll be coming into your house every Saturday this fall (if you have Big Ten Network, that is).

For me personally, I am going to have to study the shit out of this two deep roster, because I will admit, my biggest weakness of being a fan in the Badger State is learning the names of the Wisconsin Badgers football team. It always has been. Usually I know the quarterback, the running back, a couple of receivers, the kicker, punter, and maybe one defensive guy. Maybe an offensive linemen too, and it usually helps if they are from Fondy (where is Cory Raymer these days anyway? Maybe I'll try to hunt him down and interview him for the blog. That'd be fun).

The thing about these guys in college football is they only start for one or two seasons, and then they are gone. It's hard to get to know people when they change so often. That, and college football video games never are able to show the name of the player, they always just show the number, so I can't learn that way.

But I'm going to study this thing from now until August 30th, so if Evridge gets a key block from Mickey Turner and hits Issac Anderson in the corner of the endzone, I'll know exactly what the hell just happened.


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