Monday, August 25, 2008

Not So Sharpe

The NFL Network recently gave Sterling Sharpe the chance to call play-by-play, as he did in last nights game between the Colts and the Bills. He was joined by other NFL Network staples in Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders. As Awful Announcing shows us, Sharpe has some work to do.
"The broadcast wasn't entirely bad, and the trio eventually settled in a bit, but the first half was beyond horrendous. It seemed as if Sharpe didn't know he was supposed to be doing play-by-play and at times he would go five to seven minutes without even describing the action on the field. During just about every series, and on punts and kickoffs, there were gigantic pauses and dead air while the play was going on, and occassionally players would be running back to the huddle before he would convey the results."
See for yourself...

Say it with me. Yikes. That was rough.


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