Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Milwaukee Bucks '08-'09

Holy God, I've been gone a long time. I was gone so long the Bucky Channel has gone through a bit of a makeover. To ease back into the fold here at the Bucky Channel, I've decided to post a little distraction from the frustrating grind of Favre twists and Brewers recent headaches(although they looked really good tonight) and drop a little Bucks youtube action. I recently stumbled on to this on youtube and thought it was well done, not to mention it's set to Fat Joe's and Co. "Make it Rain". Always a winner in my book. I realize the Bucks still may make a move or two, but for now, I'm satisfied with what we have here. Enjoy

Good work from the person who put that little gem together. Tell me that didn't get you a little excited for some Bucks action. For now back to Brewers, but if things go really south with the Crew and Pack at least we have some hope to look at.

One quick random last thought, is it just me or is the "Redeem Team" the dumbest name for Team USA's basketball squad. I realize the obvious play on "Dream Team" and the recent struggles but seriously, why not name them something cool like Operation "Shock and Awe" or something like that....... Ok that was lame too, but better than Redeem Team, its so forced.


Winks said...

Bear, I love the Redeem Team!

Winks said...

Also, I lost all excitement when they showed Gadz.

Anonymous said...

nice bear is back in a big way. ive been dying for some bucks postings.

Anonymous said...

it should be were A game winner happens.

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