Friday, August 8, 2008

How Do People Get Here?

I often think to use the feature of Google Analytics, which allows me to see where the readers are coming from, and how many are coming. While many of you are return visitors that just come straight here (thank you, thank you), most of the new readers find us through links or Google searches. Some of the searches people use to get here are a little strange, however, and I thought I'd share some with you.

* Some apparently wants to bring down the Packers new quarterback, looking for "Aaron Rodgers Drinking".

* Others flat out hate the FSN Wisconsin team with "anderson schroder awful".

* An NBA referee's favorite snack, perhaps? "bavetta cookies".

* "carlos villanueva at bat music". I just feel bad I couldn't provide the answer.

* I could however help out the person looking for "miller park appearance of uno the dog".

* Even though I had no idea who this guy was a few months ago, someone is interested in "chris quinn trade rumors".

* Where's the best place to find porn? Internet. Sadly, I couldn't help out with "j.j. hardy naked" or "naked chick drinks beer".

* I still have no clue how the person looking for "tornado in welch mn on july 9th 2008" found us.

* And my favorite one: "did troy aikman play baseball for huntsville stars?"


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