Saturday, August 2, 2008

For You Ted Thompson Haters...

Maybe you've questioned his moves over the years, maybe you hate how he's handling the Favre situation. Maybe you hate that he really has no one to answer to, and can do whatever he wants. I've been in support of Ted Thompson on this blog, but to be fair, I thought we'd take a look at how the other side of the fan base feels. I have to admit, "This is An Adventure's" argument of Why Ted Thompson May Be a Horrible GM lays out some pretty compelling facts.

For the counter argument, be sure to check out the comments under this article, as loyal reader Jonk comes to the support of Ted and his glorious head of hair.


Jonk said...

Right away, in the first paragraph, I see a lot of flawed information: Ted Thompson doesn't report to the shareholders, bur rather he reports to the board of directors. Sure, there isn't an owner like Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft or Dan Snyder, but there is a team president who basically handles that role: Bob Harlan for years and now Mark Murphy.

Why Ted Thompson May Be a Great GM:
2005: 4-12
2006: 8-8
2007: 13-3, NFC Championship Game

"I believe it’s Thompson’s moves - and his mangling of his 34 draft picks, most of any GM in the NFL over the past three years - that provoked the current status,"

What's the problem with having the most draft picks in the league over the past three years? The more draft picks you have, the more likely you'll find good players. Simple as that.

Thompson's drafts have been wholly more productive already than GM Mike Sherman's were. Look at Sherman's 2004 draft:

Ahmad Carroll, Joey Thomas, Donnell Washington, B.J. Sander (traded UP to draft a punter in the third round!), Corey WIlliams, and Scott Wells. When your best guys are your sixth and seventh round selections, you know you're in trouble.

Things weren't much better in 2003. Nick Barnett has proven to be an excellent choice in the first round. But look at the rest of the draft that year: Kenny Peterson, James Lee, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Brennan Curtin, Chris Johnson, DeAndrew Rubin, Carl Ford, and Steve Josue.

2002 was Sherman's first draft as GM (Ron Wolf was still around in 2001) and his final draft was 2004. Here is a list of the legit starters drafted in those three years:
Javon Walker, Najeh Davenport (borderline), Aaron Kampman, Nick Barnett, Corey Williams, Scott Wells.

Six in three years.

Now, here is the same list for Thompson from 2005-2007 (also a three year sampling):

Aaron Rodgers (remains to be seen; we'll give him the benefit of the doubt here), Nick Collins, Brady Poppinga, A.J. Hawk, Daryn Colledge, Greg Jennings, Jason Spitz, Johnny Jolly, James Jones, Aaron Rouse, Korey Hall, Mason Crosby.

12 in three years.

Maybe nine or ten if you think it's too early to include some of those 2007 guys, but at the same time there's several other 2007 draftees who may yet join the list: Justin Harrell (probably not?), Brandon Jackson, Allen Barbre, DeShawn Wynn.

Some of them have been a little disappointing (for example, Collins and Colledge) but are still nowhere near the embarrassment of Ahmad Carroll or Joey Thomas or B.J. Sander.

Even with this Brett Favre fiasco, there is no doubt in my mind that Ted Thompson is an excellent general manager. Too bad the guy at "This is an Adventure" has the comments section closed.

Anonymous said...

agree 100% with jonk. there are a lot of ignorant packer fans out there who probably hear bits and pieces and get it through their thick skulls that favre has done no wrong here and thompson has mishandled this situation, but im at the point where id rather just get favre out of here. behind deanna, brett favre is the biggest brett favre fan around, and im sick of this crap.

as a packer (and brewer fan), its easy to ignore when favre (and prince) are showing their true colors as the pricks that they likely really are, but its getting harder and harder to overlook these clowns.

after being one of the biggest brett favre fans not named favre for the last however many years, im using the comments section of the bucky channel to officially announce that i now flat out hate this fucking guy. and zambrano jr, i mean prince, youre next.

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