Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let The Fantasy Drafts Begin

I know I've said before that fantasy teams are like dreams. Everyone has them, but nobody else wants to hear you talk them. Well, I'm going to talk about mine, because frankly, I've shared a lot less important information with you anyway.

I'm participating in four fantasy drafts this week, two of which were on Wednesday night. I went into the first of these drafts blind, and by blind I mean all I had in front of me the list put together by Matthew Berry of I've been quite busy over the last couple of weeks, so my information on all things fantasy is limited. Nevertheless, I'd like to share a few things that happened at my first draft of the night.

* First, you should know this was a ten team draft. You draft 2 QB's, 3 RB's, 5 WR's and then 2 TE, K, and DEF.

* Here is what I came up with, while picking second:

QB Tony Romo - DAL
QB Matt Hasselbeck - SEA
RB Adrian Peterson - MIN
RB Willis MaGahee - BAL
RB Michael Turner - ATL
WR Torry Holt - STL
WR Santonio Holmes - PIT
WR Donald Driver - GB
WR Reggie Williams - JAX
WR Antwaan Randle-El - WAS
TE Tony Schleffer - DEN
TE Dustin Keller - NYJ
K Neil Rackers - ARI
K Matt Stover - BAL
DEF Green Bay Packers
DEF Tampy Bay Buccaneers

Obviously, the starters are in bold.

* Running backs went off the board first, per usual, sprinkled with Brady, Manning, and Moss. The WR rush occured in the second and third rounds.

* This left some high rated backs to fall deep in the draft. Maurice Jones-Drew went 40th overall, while Edgerrin James didn't go until the 8th round.

* Brett Favre went in the 5th round. The same owner took Aaron Rodgers in the 13th.

* When you draft, make sure you know your bye weeks. I was this draft's annoying "Hey, when is the Jaguars bye?" guy.

* I was all set to take Tony Gonzalez, but then I changed my mind for and picked my 3rd starting receiver, Donald Driver. Homer pick.

* Jamal Lewis went in the 5th round, and I almost took him over Willis MaGahee in the 3rd. I'm very high on Jamal Lewis this year for some reason.

* This draft was a good practice for my Friday draft, which is the one I care about the most. That being said, tonight was good practice for that draft. Not for the actual picks however, but for the corny jokes made during the draft. Work on those Michael Vick / Shaun Alexander / Travis Henry jokes now people!

* Jason Witten was the 1st tight end taken, over Antonio Gates.

* I took my backup QB, Matt Hasselbeck, before I took a Tight End, Kicker, or Defense.

* This was a 16 round draft, yet the first kicker, Nate Kaeding, was drafted in the 11th. Don't take kickers until the last two rounds, people.

So those are just a few random thoughts from my first draft of the night. I'm doing another draft as we speak, and I've already fallen into the drop of taking guys more than once. Right now I have Romo and Driver again.

I love fantasy, so feel free to leave me your draft thoughts in the comments. And if you really want, I wouldn't mind hearing about your dreams, either.


Anonymous said...

You think that team is good, check out mine:

QB- Brady
RB- A.P. (the Vikes variety)
RB- Ryan Grant (Homer Pick)
WR- T.O.
WR- Plaxico Buress
WR- Greg Jennings (Love the Packers)
TE- Who Cares
K- Mason Crosby (Really love the Packers)
DST- Steelers

We have a rookie keeper league where you are able to keep one rookie for the previous draft so I got A.P. in the 4th round. Championship!

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good draft. How many teams are in that league?

Anonymous said...

Just your average 10 team league

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