Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brewers Earn More National Exposure

While there was talk of possibly adding a Jets logo or even a picture of Favre's head to The Bucky Channel's banner last night, we've decided we're ready to move on and put the focus back on Wisconsin sports. Of course, we'll be monitoring Favre all season, but it was so good to have a Brewers game to turn to last night, wasn't it?

For those of you that aren't able to watch every Brewer game on TV because you live out of state, you're in luck next weekend. Two more Brewers games have been picked up nationally, giving the Brewers some more exposure. Granted, the Brewers historically struggle when the spotlight is on them, but it's neat to see nonetheless.

Sun. June 17th - @ Los Angeles Dodgers 3:10pm (TBS)

Mon. June 18th - Houston Astros 7:05 (ESPN)

Both games will also be broadcast on FSN-HD. We've also been told that the June 30th game at Pittsburgh was going to be picked up by FOX, but plans were scrapped when FOX realized PNC Park is equipped to accommodate the amount of cameras a national broadcast uses. Seems weird, but oh well.

For those of you looking for the game tonight, it's once again on FSN Wisconsin. In other good news, Skip Schumacher just hit a home run and the Cards lead Chicago, 2-1.

Update: So did Pujols! Fantasy stats!!!


Jonk said...

Speaking of increased exposure, in case anybody missed it.... Wisconsin athletes were on the cover of the Sporting News back-to-back weeks recently. First, Aaron Rodgers, followed by CC Sabathia.

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