Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Every Journeyman Question Answered!

When I first started this blog, it was basically an outlet for me to gain writing experience, but also as a way for me to ramble about anything I wanted to. The things I rambled about the most ere Wisconsin sports and television, so I decided to name the blog "The Bucky Channel" (ahhh... I get it.)

One of my favorite shows at that time was the sadly cancelled Journeyman, which never really found more than a core, cult audience. There were a few episodes of the show that were amongst the best TV I have ever seen, but sadly it's run ended after 13 episodes.

I've always wondered, what would have happened if the show had the chance to continue? Well, thankfully Ain't It Cool News did an interview with Kevin Falls, the shows creator. Everything you wanted to know about Journeyman, answered. A must read for any Dan Vassar fan.


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