Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quarterback Controversy for Packers?

There may be a quarterback controversy in Green Bay after all. Clearly, we're not talking about the starting job, because Aaron Rodgers is amazing. But all you people that have already bought Brian Brohm may need to settle down, because the Packers are really liking what they are seeing out of Matt Flynn.

If you watched ESPN's coverage of last weeks Packers pre-season game, you no doubt saw the graphic that between the three Packers quarterbacks, they have zero NFL starts. That will of course change in due time, but the Packers don't seem to think it will be a big deal. says Matt Flynn is putting up a pretty good challenge for the No.2 QB job, which is fine with me, because a good competition will only make both Brohm and Flynn better. The issue that Packer fans have though is, if Rodgers gets hurt, are we really comfortable with Brohm or Flynn taking control of this team?

The Packers have talked about signing a veteran to come in, even previously offering a contract to Daunte Culpepper. In my opinion, the Packers will be fine with either Brohm or Flynn as their No.2, as long as Rodgers stays healthy. Should he get hurt for an extended period of time, that's when you'll see a veteran signing.

We'll see how they do tonight against the 49ers, game time now just three hours away.


Ben said...

Get Tim Hasselbeck!!!


Either way, not comfortable with either of them in a long term injury situation.

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