Friday, August 15, 2008

Time to Start Thinking September Call-Ups

With the Brewers seemingly not deciding to tank in August this year (knock on wood), September call-ups are going to be as important as ever this year. There aren't too many players the Brewers could call up that would actually make a huge impact, but they can still benefit greatly from the roster expansion.

Jeff Weaver was talked about as a call-up much earlier in this year, but he has since left the organization. Taking his place as washed up player in the Brewers system is Jay Gibbons, but I wonder if the Brewers will be willing to bring back up this quickly.

I would imagine a few bullpen arms to be added, including Randy Choate, who has practically been stashed on the DL all season as we wait for the call-ups. Joe Dillon seems to be an obvious call up for the offense. The rest of the positions could be up for grabs, but you never know just how many players a team will call up. A lot of people would love to see Mat Gamel and Alcides Escobar get the nod, which might be less likely than we think.

The guys at Bernie's Crew do an excellent job of analyzing just who may be called up in a couple weeks. Just don't expect Mel Stocker to be one of them.


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