Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Update: Redeem Team Cruises to Semis

If this U.S. Basketball team doesn't win the Gold, whoever beats them will have pulled off an upset worthy of the U.S. Hockey Team in the 1980 Winter Games. The Redeem Team is destined for the medal, and proved it again today with a 116-85 victory over Australia.

Kobe Bryant lead the way for the U.S. with 25. LeBron James chipped in with 16, and Carmelo Anthony added another 15. As far as the Milwaukee Bucks are concerned, Michael Redd played just 9 minutes to score 5 points. At the other end of the floor for the Aussies, Andrew Bogut could only contribute with 4 points.

Next up for the U.S.: Argentina, 9:15am CDT, Friday.

In other Olympic news, crushes from my teenage years, Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor won the Gold in beach volleyball for the second consecutive time.

Elsewhere, if you haven't heard already, this Usain Bolt guy is pretty fast.


Anonymous said...

bogut got hurt man. he said after the game that he fears ligament damage.

Winks said...

Yeah, just saw that. I'll look into that later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Although this is a family site, a May-Walsh 3-some would be enjoyable

Anonymous said...

well apparently bogut isnt hurt too bad. still not cool after signing that big deal, and still exactly what i expected to happen this summer.

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