Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Update: McDonald's the Only Loser in These Olympics

Another thrilling "day" at the Olympics, especially for many of our American heroes. I say "day" because technically it's been a thrilling Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in China, even though we're witnessing all of this unfold in a single day. I'll stop rambling now, and get to some of the good stuff.

The main story for the United States in these Olympics so far is Michael Phelps' quest for 8 gold medals. So far, the 23 year-old swimming phenom is 5 for 5, with two more wins tonight in the 200 butterfly and the 4x200 freestyle relay. He's now the winningiest athlete in Olympic history, as he's collected a grand total of 11 Olympic Gold medals.

Even with the odds his team overcame to win the 4x100 meter freestyle relay on Sunday night (ahem, Monday morning), Phelps is making this quest look easy. He won the butterfly tonight even though his goggles filled up with water. Trust me, as a former swimmer, having that happen will just about end your race. It's extremely difficult to stay focused when that happens, and I'm sure those pools are filled with chlorine, so that had to kill his eyes. Nevertheless, he's just three gold medals away from Olympic history.

The U.S. Men's basketball team also delivered with another victory, this time via a 97-76 win over Angola. Dwayne Wade led the Americans with 19 points, while the Bucks' Michael Redd contributed just two points in the victory. The next opponent for the Redeem Team is Greece, a team which shocked them in the 2006 World Championships held in Japan. That game will take place Thursday morning for us in the states.

And in soccer news, the U.S. Women's team beat New Zealand 4-0, and they've earned a trip to the quarterfinals.

Despite how incredible these Olympics have been, I do have one major issue with them. Why in the hell is McDonalds slacking this year? In the past, they've always come up with those promotions where if the Americans win, you can win. However, this year, there is no such game. This was seriously the difference for me the other day when I was thinking about going to Mickey D's, but ended up going to Subway instead, because they are currently running a Scrabble promotion.

Other than that, U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!


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