Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Update: Sorry, Gymnastics Just Don't Do It For Me

Apparently, the Women's Gymnastics All-Around Finals were last night, and they captivated a nation. I still don't know the name of this girl in the above picture, let me look. Ah, it's Nastia Liukin, the Gold Medal winner from the United States. And apparently her teammate Shawn Johnson won the silver. You know, when sometime texted me last night "I love Shawn Johnson", I thought they were watching a rerun of the X Games.

I know it's always fun to pick out a gymnast and think how hot she is (Domnique Moceanu a past favorite of mine), but I just wasn't feeling it. That's too bad, because I've watched just about every other sport in these Olympics, even when the Americans weren't competing.

One sport I wish I would have watched, but still have trouble waking up for, is Men's Basketball. But when I did wake up Thursday, I was delighted to see the Redeem Team was able to enact revenge on Greece 92-69. Tomorrow is an equally important matchup, as they take on the slanted eyed members from Spain.

Elsewhere, Michael Phelps won his 6th gold, and has two more attempts for the record of 8. And the U.S. Women's Soccer team has advanced to the semifinals.

The U.S. now leads China in the medal count, 46-41.

(Julian Finney/Getty Images)


Ben said...

I was captivated! Although,
I'm kind of a sap. p.s. I was also a Domnique Moceanu fan

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