Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nice Effort, Brewers

Getaway day lineups!

I always like these days, but really only if the bench guys can make an impact. Durham, Counsell, Kapler, and Branyan all got the start today as some of the starters got the day off. As a unit, they collected a few hits, but ultimately couldn't score any runs against Jorge Campillo and the Braves. So I guess it was not a good day.

You got to hand it to Jorge Campillo, who really did shut down the Brewers today. Looked a lot better than Ben Sheets, who was visibly pissed at himself after nearly every pitch.

That's really all I got. If the Brewers are going to phone one in, I don't see why I can't either. Right?

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Craig Counsell. I don't know.

(AP Photo/John Amis)


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