Friday, August 15, 2008

Mrs. Listach, We Found Your Son!

I'll forgive Pat Listach for wearing a Chicago uniform, if only because the Brewers and Cubs were not rivals, much less opponents, when he spent his time in Milwaukee. But in case you have wondered just where he's been since his 1992 rookie of the year award and successive demise, he's been having a pretty successful career as a manager.

Listach began coaching in 1998, and was named the hitting coach for the Cubs Single-A affiliate in 2000. Like ballplayers, the goal is to work up the minor league system, and Listach has been doing just that. This year he began is first full season as manager of the Triple-A Iowa Cubs. (Sidenote: I never know whether to write Triple-A or Class AAA. Anyone know the more "appropriate" way?)

It's still sad to see one of our former beloved Brewers in the Cubs organization (I'm looking at you too, Henry Blanco), but it's nice to see Listach find success. So far, he seems to be much better of than Jim Gantner, who is managing the Wisconsin Woodchucks of the Northwoods League.


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