Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bucks Coming Back to La Crosse, Rest of Pre-Season Schedule Unknown

Believe it or not, that is actually an NBA game being played on that floor, in that arena. Well, it's actually an exhibition game that was held between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls before the season last year. It's been announced that the Bucks will be making the return trip to La Crosse, taking on the Dallas Mavericks on Friday, October 10th at 7:30pm.

We first caught wind of this when Herb Kohl was in town (again, currently living in La Crosse), and he briefly mentioned the Bucks were coming back here. Nobody followed up on the question, and we were left curious as to why we hadn't heard this news sooner.

That's when we found via the RealGM message boards the article posted last week on the homepage of the Dallas Morning News. The game between the Bucks and the Bulls was a success last year in La Crosse, and made many here regret the fact that the city was unable to lockdown the Arkansas Rimrockers NBDL franchise that was contemplating a move here.

I don't know for sure why the Mavericks would announce their preseason schedule, and the Bucks wouldn't. I know the Bucks had plans to play exhibition games in China this preseason, but that was before Yi Jianlian was dealt to the Nets. Maybe those games are still on and being worked out, or the Bucks are deciding to remain stateside and need to find venues for those contests. I'm sure that will be announced soon enough for the die hard preseason fans out there.


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