Saturday, May 3, 2008

Different Night, Same Result

Well we've seen this before, haven't we? As in, Friday night. It was another game where the Brewers take an early lead off the long ball and strong pitching from their starter, only to have it disappear thanks to a Houston power surge. Different night, same result.

Let's figure out how it happened this time. Having both J.J. Hardy and Tony Gwynn Jr. get the third out with the bases loaded was part of the problem. So was Parra's 5th inning collapse, in which yet another pitcher took one deep on the Brewers. This time, it was Brandon Backe, although in any other park that's a fly ball. Then, the next batter Michael Bourn hit a line drive which some how crept over the wall in right. A lot of Brewers fans seem deflated by the Yovani Gallardo injury, and I'm not sure that's why the team is struggling, but the Brewers still haven't put it all together yet this season.

I still can't believe they have a winning record right now. It certainely does seem like they are losing more games than they are winning, but somehow they are still right in the thick of things. It's promising that they are winning while not playing their best ball, but sooner rather than later the Crew will need to right this ship. The problems that plagued them last year, inconsistent bullpen and leaving runners on base are once again troubling them in 2008. The bullpen did pitch well tonight however, including an inning of relief out of Dave Bush.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Let's give it to Mitch Stetter for his 2 innings of scoreless work, keeping his ERA at 0.00 for the year. Sorry Rickie, maybe next time.


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