Friday, May 2, 2008

Down Goes Yovani

It appeared the injury Yovani Gallardo suffered in Thursday's game against the Chicago Cubs was just a mild strain, after all he did finish out the 5th and even pitched in the 6th.

Well this morning the Brewers sent Yovani back to Milwaukee for tests and this afternoon he was placed on the 15 day DL with a torn ACL. Assuming he has surgery, he would most likely be done for the year. It is assumed that Dave Bush will be called up to take his place in the team's rotation. Here are some more details from JSOnline.

This is a gigantic blow to the Brewers. Gallardo was 0-0, with a 1.80 ERA over three games and team's second ace in a sense. This most definitely puts more pressure on Ben Sheets to stay healthy all year long. Also pitchers Carlos Villanueva and Manny Parra have a little added pressure to turn it up another notch.

Before we start to pack it in as fans and throw away the season, let's remember that the brewers were 11-6 before Gallardo came back. The season certainly isn't over yet, this is just a set back. Since its a knee injury, he should be back to normal once healed, where as if it was a shoulder or elbow problem it could be much worse for his career. All we really can say is that we hope for a speedy and full recovery, because Yovani will be one to watch for years in Brewer blue.

(AP Photo/Al Behrman)


Jonk said...

Suddenly Doug's move to sign Jeff Weaver might prove to be genius.

Anonymous said...

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh ... doubt it.

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