Saturday, March 28, 2009

And The Milwaukee Iron Season is Underway

One of the great privileges about running this site is that from time to time people take me seriously. That's how I was able to manage a press credential for the Milwaukee Iron this season, the latest entry in to the league that is af2. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the game on Friday night because of an interesting fantasy baseball draft (more on that in this week's Winks Thinks). Either way, it's Iron time, baby.

I'm still not sold on the Iron, but I won't make any judgements until we are able to get to a game. I can't find the attendance anywhere, although I'm told it was announced in the area of 5,000, which if it's true, has to be encouraging to Iron officials. If nothing else, it's another thing to do on a Friday night in Milwaukee.

As for the game itself, the Iron lead early but eventually lost to the Iowa Barnstormers 60-38. Their "star player", Tyler Donovan, didn't even start but did complete 12 passes for 149 yards and two touchdowns. Their starting quarterback, Shane Adler, had a touchdown of his own, but was pulled after his mistakes lead to two consecutive defensive touchdowns for the Barnstormers, as well as his apparent shoulder injury.

Here's a link to the recap, but it was emailed to me so I'm not sure if it works for everyone. You can also go to the team's website, but be warned, audio of a highlight will start playing even though there is no video and no way to stop it. On second thought, the SportsBubbler has a pretty good recap that I probably should have just linked to in the first place.

Their next game is April 4th somewhere in Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Worst name ever. Is the name "Iron" meant to commemorate the number of industrial jobs that have disappeared in Milwaukee over the years?

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