Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Shameless Fond du Lac Plug

Look, I realize that the only reason state High school Hockey is even getting mentioned is because Fond du Lac was in the Championship games of both the Men's and Women's State Hockey Tournament.

I also realize the photo says Fond du Lac soccer complex. A) I couldn't find a better picture with Fond du Lac written on a sign. B) My fondness for the city of Fond du Lac, where both myself and Winks grew up, makes no real sense and probably will never go away. C) I'm running this damn site, I'll do what I want.... well for the next week anyway.

Either way, Fondy lost both the Men's and Women's state championship games. The men lost 5-1 against Heartland Arrowhead which is good at like everything. And the Women who are joined with the village of Waupun took a 10-4 beating from River Falls. Congrats to both teams for getting silver.


Anonymous said...

look at all this content! attaway bear

Anonymous said...

Way to pound out the posts Fred. I see you haven't gotten many comments on any of your posts. Just make a post about how much of a homo Favre still is and you'll get the comments.
I'd like to see a Fantasy Baseball Preview while you're still in charge of this site as well. I need to know some sleepers for my 18 team draft coming up.

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