Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sinking Bucks Look The Part

Just a little too much of this going on last night.

Not only is Milwaukee a game and a half behind Chicago now for the 8th seed, but they played the game last night with virtually no intensity. It looks as if balloon of hope has finally deflated. The Bucks were consistantly down 25-30 points and would lose 106-80. Pretty sad sight.

The Bucks were led by CV who scored 17, Jefferson had 13, while Danny G and Luke Ridnour had 10 off the bench. Easily the worst performance by any possible TBC player of the game all season. I don't even know who to take. Soooo I'll pick from a hat........picking............unfolding the paper...............Congrats Joe Alexander, you win.

Manning Face.

(AP Photo by Darren Hauck)

Bucks get Portland at home on saturday, tip off at 1:30.


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