Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Carl Landry Was Shot

Rough night last night for one of Milwaukee's own, 25 year-old Carl Landry. He got shot. I mention this not only of his connection to the Badger State, but because of how ridiculously dumb this shooting was. What happened was some guy get Landry's car in a fender bender accident. When Landry got out of the vehicle to check it out, the guy in the other car just shot him. The bullet wounded his calf, and he will be out anywhere from a week to one month.

Things like this really bother me, but I guess there's nothing you can do about it. We only get one life to live (probably), and it just makes my mind hurt when I think about how stupidly it could end. If I end up living until I am 55 and die from cancer or something, I will consider myself lucky. People are so fragile and can die so quickly, no matter how safe they try to live their life. To know that Landry could have been killed because he was checking out his back bumper is just disturbing.

Also, too many people are allowed access to guns in this country. The "right to bear arms" was meant for people in the Revolutionary age, not for people in 2009. The only people that should be allowed this right as it was intended should be people like this guy.

Anyways, off the soapbox and back to the blogging. Thanks for your time, and get well soon, Carl.


Anonymous said...

The "right to bare arms" is more than just a revolutionary concept. It means you have a right to protect yourself from others. Granted the illegal ways guns are obtained is out of hand, but getting rid of guns completely is an over reaction in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

haha apparently i was talking about the right to wear cut off sleeve t-shirts..... I meant bear obviously not bare.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell did the shooting happen?

erik said...

we're the only developed country that has such a loose gun policy, and it kills around 10,000 people every year, while places like britain or australia or wherever never lose more than a few hundred yearly to violent crime. and now mexican gangs are arming themselves with weapons bought legally in the united states... case closed

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