Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Getting Painful

Without any bit of hope for the playoffs the Bucks have become borderline unwatchable. Before at least they played like it was a possibility, but now? Yikes. Milwaukee dropped another game tonight 115-106 to the Toronto Raptors. The Bucks now sit at 31-41, and a full 3 games back of the 8th seed. With only 12 games left on the schedule things are looking very bleak.

Ramon Sessions had a nice bounce back game with 18 points and 7 assists. Session has been rather awful to watch lately. Richard Jefferson led scoring for the Bucks with 22 points. Charlie Bell had a nice game off the bench dropping 20, 7 assists and 6 rebounds, we'll give him the player of the game. Damon Jones even got in the mix with 12 points in 13 minutes.

Oh when is it going to end?

Milwaukee plays at Orlando on Friday at 6. You can bet if I'm watching this game, I'll be enjoying beverages.

(AP Photo By Chris Young)


Anonymous said...

i hear youre a light weight when it comes to drinking.

Anonymous said...

borderline unwatchable

you sound surprised

it's a simple subtraction problem

Milwaukee Bucks - Redd/Bogut = heartbreaking remainder of what seemed like a promising season.

Anonymous said...

a) I think I am becoming a light weight when it comes to drinking. I mean these past few months have been down right embarrassing.

b) Not surprised as much dissappointed that the effort seems to be lacking. It was there a couple weeks ago. I mean lets get serious, we would still be in this thing if we could maintain .500..actually would be leading by a game. Unfortunately we are 4-12 over our last 16... just sad. The problem is that now we are staring at another 7-13 pick which basically will not be the immediate help needed.

It would be nice if the Lottery rewarded teams that actually tried to make the playoffs and just missed rather than piss-poor teams and tankers. But there are flaws in that logic as well.

Winks said...

Let it be known that Bear is the lightweight these days, not I.

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