Thursday, March 19, 2009

MLS Starts Tonight: Horrible Scheduling Move or Brilliant Manuever?

It's 8pm right now. You've either drunk from watching college hoops all day, watching college hoops like crazy because you had to work today, or running back home from Goolsby's to take care of your prego wife. Either way, it's 8pm, and you're watching college basketball.

Unless you're not, and you're watching the MLS Season opener between the Seattle Sounders (new team) and the New York Red Bulls (sponsored by an energy drink). That's right, the brilliance that is the MLS decided that the best night to unveil their latest campaign would be during the first round of the NCAA Tournament. If you're looking to attract new viewers, you might want to rethink your scheduling strategy.

However, maybe I am wrong. Maybe everyone is wrong. Maybe the MLS is run by geniuses after all. You see, if the MLS were to start, say, like next Monday night, I probably wouldn't have written a post saying the season was starting. Deadspin probably wouldn't have decided an article to it. And you would have no idea the little league that could was even underway.

Ah, who am I kidding. Nobody likes soccer.


Anonymous said...


Walk On Boy said...

C'mon Winks, allow yourself to show soccer the love you have for it -

No one likes second rate soccer, for the same reason that you gave not to watch women's sports above. If Champion's League, Serie A, La Liga or EPL were on at respectable times I think more people would watch.

Actually, you're probably right. Most ESPN viewers don't give a fiddler's fuck about soccer.

(And, yes I am burying comments because I am catching up after a couple hectic weeks.)

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