Sunday, March 22, 2009

US Bows Out of World Baseball Classic

Well there goes that excitement. Just days after being swept up in World Baseball Classic fever, Japan drops a bomb on America by..... um, they really detonate a victory through.... um, they find a way to blow up the... um, they expose U.S. Baseball to years of radiation that will lead to the deaths of thousands. I don't know how else to phrase this. Japan won 9-4, and the U.S. is done.

We've been excited for this game for a couple of days now, thanks to the U.S.'s captivating victory over Puerto Rico last week. But despite an early home run from Brian Roberts, our excitement was quickly short-lived. Japan eventually rocked Roy Oswalt, and the Americans could never recover. It's another Japan / Korea final on American soil, while we watch other nations revel in our national pastime. 

This game did feature the return of Ryan Braun, who was out for much of round two with a rib injury. He returned with a 1-4 performance, and also scored a run. 

The World Baseball Classic finals are Monday night at 8:30pm on ESPN. I'll be watching RAW.


Anonymous said...

"It's another Japan / Korea semifinal on American soil"

it's the finals not the semifinals. why should we bother reading this stuff if you can't take an extra minute to proofread? punctuation and typos, who cares, but facts should be straight.

Winks said...

Thanks for the comment. Thanks especially for not being a prick about it either.

Anonymous said...

I love how people come one here and comment on every litty thing. Who gives a shit, we knew if was the final o well. When you type 3 or 4 articles a day you are bound to screw up. Whoever that was, get a clue.

Ben said...

Wait.. the world baseball classic was going on? I wish I knew.

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