Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Order of Business

Hey everyone. It's Winks, and I made it back from Mexico alive. Even though I have a tremendous fear of flying, I somehow managed to come back in one piece (besides my right hand, which was cut off by a Mexican drug gang, of course). While it's always nice to relax, I can not tell you how much I missed the internet, and subsequently, this blog. I'll have much more about my Mexican Shirtless vacation in this week's Winks Thinks, so stay tuned for that.

The first thing I'd like to do though now that I'm back is give a tremendous shoutout to my dear friend Bear. He got off to a hot start with his record Sunday last week, keep up the vigorous pace, and even threw in a Fondy post. Stop whatever you're doing right now, stand up, and give this man a round of applause. Being a douchebag who blogs in his free time isn't always easy, but Bear more than lived up to the task. I can't thank him enough for keeping my baby safe while I was away.

Now that I'm back, hopefully Bear will have a desire to contribute with a fantasy baseball posting in the near future? No pressure, but we will have something up after our draft like last year. And we'll probably be "semi-live" blogging during the first round of the NCAA tourney this week. So that will be fun.

Until then, I am heading to a Milwaukee Wave game, so take this Sunday to relax a bit yourselves. Then check us out later tonight for Bucks coverage, tournament seeding coverage, so on and so forth (don't worry, I will spare you and not put up a recap of the Wave game).

Again, it's good to be back, and another huge thanks to Bear. Maybe this is something we'll do every year, have a "Bear Week" that will rival only that of "Shark Week".

Stay tuned.


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