Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Proof Macha Will Name Gallardo Our Ace

Ken Macha has stated that Yovani Gallardo won't be the Brewers starter on Opening Day. Sure, Ken. I'm not even sure Macha believes himself at this point, especially after Gallardo's performance in the Brewers 4-1 victory against the Diamondbacks on Wednesday. The soon-to-be ace pitched five innings of no-hit stuff and struck out three. He is awesome. Proof.

Elsewhere on the staff, Eduardo Morlan will not be a member of the Brewers' minor league system this season. Figuring he would not make the 25-man roster, the Brewers let him go earlier in the week. As a Rule 5 player, his former team, Tampa Bay, had the chance to reacquire him, which they did. Morlan will be a good player, but he had to really impress the Brewers if he was going to be on the big league roster all season, which he failed to do.

And in other baseball news, USA lost to Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic to wrap up pool play. They have, however, advanced to the semi-finals and will face the Japan/Korea winner on Sunday night.


Chad said...

You're doing a terrible job of live blogging the tourney, Winks.

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who Macha says is the ace ... Brewer Nation knows it's Yovani. It's a moot point after the first couple weeks because different teams have different schedules which makes for mixed starter match ups every night. It's not like Gallardo will be facing another team's ace every time he gets the ball.

Anonymous said...

wtf is up with that pic? dude no brewers fan wants to see that crap again man!!! get that off of here

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