Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Bucks Know It's Over, Too

As I was flipping through the channels on my TV earlier this week, I saw something very, very odd. First, ESPN's First Take was doing a feature story on the Bucks. Secondly, the story was about the Bucks contending for the playoffs. I later figured out that the only reason this was probably a story is because Richard Jefferson was probably the only person they could get on the phone that morning. But still, it was weird to see nonetheless, because we all know the Bucks playoff chances are next to nothing at this point.

Friday night's 110-94 loss to the Orlando Magic was more of the same for the Bucks. Milwaukee did get out in front early in the second quarter, but it turned into another double-digit loss for the ever-struggling Bucks. As far as a Bucks Player of the Game, let's give it to Malik Allen. His plus/minus was +6, the best of the night, so that's the half-legitimate reason. The other is that if Bear can give the honor to Joe Alexander even though he sucks, I can give it to a personal favorite of mine. You dig? If not, chew on this yourself.

The Bucks are now 31-42, with nine games to play in the season. The problem with that is they are now a full four games back of the Detroit Pistons for the 8 seed. Somehow, they are also behind the Charlotte Bobcats somehow, so things are looking quite bleak. 

At this point, a lot of you would rather the Bucks miss the playoffs so that they have a chance for the lottery, but I've been rooting for them to get into the playoffs the entire year. Even though the result would likely not be pretty, if you're in, you're in, and like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible! Plus, if this team is going to stay together for awhile, it'd be nice for them to have a little playoff experience under their belt sooner rather than later. That, and it seems to be a pretty weak draft class this year.

So to review, the Bucks season is over. 


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