Sunday, March 1, 2009

No James, No Victory For Marquette

With Dominic James out with an injury, Louisville riding a three game win streak against Marquette, and Louisville being the number six team in the nation, I wouldn't have blamed you if you weren't optimistic about MU's chances against the Cardinals on Sunday. Marquette fought Louisville as best they could without James, but ultimately felt his absence as they shot just 34% from the field in a 62-58 loss.

Maurice Acker played fairly well with James back in Milwaukee, chipping in with three points, three rebounds, and three assists. He did run the point effectively though, especially at times when he capitalized on his quickness (at least that's what the article on said before I rephrased it, didn't see the game). Gweeds tells me he actually did play pretty good, including a couple of big threes (although Acker only had three points, so maybe my friend didn't see the game either). Wesley Matthews lead the team with 19 points, while Lazar Hayward added 16.

I was accused of being off the Marquette bandwagon after I said they were in trouble with James out for the season. I'm still on board, but realistically think the season all but over. Marquette is still a good enough team to play good teams hard, but I think you're going to see a lot of 62-58 type losses along the rest of the way. As far as their chances in the NCAA tourney, this team has second round exit written all over it.


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