Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bucks' Playoff Chances Fading Fast

When you're nine games under .500, losing games can sort of become a habit. Not a good place to be when you're within reach of a potential playoff spot. But it's a problem the Bucks are going through this season, losing again on Saturday night to the Trail Blazers by a score of 96-84. Charlie Villaneuva led the Bucks with 26 points, once again putting up the stats in a losing effort. 

I read an article a couple of days ago about how people in Milwaukee were coming up to Scott Skiles and congratulating him, thanking him for the job he has done this year. Make no mistake about it, Skiles has done a tremendous job with the pieces he's been given (those pieces include Justin Harrell type waste of a pick Joe Alexander, one of the many moves that leaves us questing Hammond's judgement so far). However, Skiles will be the first to admit that their record isn't something to be applauded for.

No matter what happens the rest of the way, it's hard to not call this season a success. Competing for the playoffs or not, the Bucks have improved on last year's record and brought some sort of excitement back to the Bradley Center. They've found some decent guys like Ramon Sessions and Charlie Villaneuva that they could build a future around, and for the most part they seem to be buying what Skiles is selling.

But, the season is not over quite yet, and if the Bucks have it in them, they could put together a decent little run and head into the second season. The rest of the sked looks like this: at Toronto, at Orlando, at Miami, at New Jersey, vs. the Lakers, at Philly, home against Memphis, Atlanta, OKC, and Orlando and then on the road in Indy. Not the easiest of roads to walk down, but achievable nonetheless. If I were a betting man, which I am, I wouldn't be placing too much money on the Bucks pulling it off. But stranger things have happened, and I'm not giving up hope just yet.

In other Bucks news, here's that new fan blogger for I wanted Bear to enter this, but as you can tell he probably wouldn't have been very committed. Burn.



Anonymous said...

You rip on Bear? Very disappointed. You just lost a reader.

Anonymous said...

Your readers leave just because they don't like one thing you did?

You just lost a reader.

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you have a blog? you just lost a reader.

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