Monday, March 30, 2009

Who Is The Greatest Athlete Of My Lifetime?

After yet another incredible Tiger Woods victory, I was asked today who I think the greatest athlete of my lifetime might be. Immediately, I burst out this response: "Jordan, LeBron, Lance, Tiger. Not sure about the order though." Without question question, it has to be one of those four. The other guy brought up Roger Federer, but I said that Tennis didn't count, and I brought up Gretzky, but he said that hockey didn't count. We ruled out Phelps right away because he is a tool.

The easy answer here is Jordan, who was assumed to be the most clutch person in history, until Tiger came along. Tiger might lose points because he's "just a golfer", but the things he does on that course continue to prove he's not human. Lance has won seven Tour de France's after coming back from cancer, but there are still lingering questions about his alleged doping. LeBron may be too young for this debate, but he could retire tomorrow and go down as one of the best to ever play the game of basketball.

I've left a poll on the top of this page for you to chime in. Who do you think is the top athlete of the past 25 years? Should we consider someone else?


Gweedo said...

About time tiger gets some love on TBC.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say Lance. Tiger isn't quite the greatest golfer ever, soon he will be but not yet. LeBron is way to young to be considered the greatest, he probably will get there but not yet. Jordan has a good case but Lance dominated his sport like no one individual ever has. He was like John Wooden's UCLA basketball good. A dynasty.

b2 said...

a rodge?

Winks said...

My guess is that LeBron will steal some of the Jordan votes, and that Tiger would get a boost from this being one day after another thrilling win of his. I will say I went with Lance though.

Of these four, Tiger is the only one not to host SNL. Not sure why that's important.

Anonymous said...

Here's the best I've seen since I've been alive:

Golf: Happy Gilmore. The guy can drive 400 yards plus. Once Chubs worked with him on putting he was unstoppable.

Football: Peyton Manning. His career isn't done yet but I love how he manages an offense. He'll end up owning ALL of the records and he won't be a D-Bag like Favre when his career is near the end. Manning will probably end up replacing Bradshaw on the Fox crew too when he's done.

Baseball: Barry Bonds, I don't care if he used roids, you still have to hit the ball.

Soccer: Joke of a sport, who cares. But really how do you know who is good when like 1 goal is scored a game.

Hockey: Last full hockey game I watched was in high school so I'll have to go with Jason Lettau. 4-time all state. Scored most empty-netters at the end of games in FVA history.

Basketball: Lebron is the biggest freak of a bball player ever but he needs to win championships to be considered with Jordan. If Lebron was smart he'd goto New Orleans after next year and win the NBA Championship every year with CP3.

Winks, you need to do a ranking of the best NFL stadiums.

Winks said...

I'm assuming this was Coyne. No matter who it was, well done. May be one of the best comments ever.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have a write in vote for Double C.

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