Monday, March 23, 2009

Brewers Weekend Recap

First off, if you're reading this before 6pm, the Brewers are on TV right now against the Rockies. I completely forgot they were on television today, but it's awesome to have them back. Gallardo just got shelled in the 4th inning to some Rockies homers, but it's still spring training. Looks like FSN has new graphics, too. God, I am just so much happier in life when the Brewers are playing. Now, to recap the weekend:

Friday - Brewers 6, Mariners 5

McClung pitched well in the early outings, but got roughed up in the 5th inning. J.J. Hardy gets POTG honors for leading a three-run rally in the sixth, thanks to a big home run. Casey McGehee also hit a home run, his fourth of the spring.

Saturday - Brewers 4, Angels 4

Another good day for Brad Nelson, he doubled twice and drove in two runs. Somehow, Tony Gwynn contributed in a positive fashion, knocking in the go-ahead run in the 10th. New recruit Wes Littleton couldn't hold the lead though, and the game ended in a tie. Dave Bush pitched pretty well over six innings of work. Still, Nelson is our POTG in this one.

Sunday - Brewers 10, Giants 9

It was a wild one on Sunday, with the Brewers coming back from the 8-0 deficit they found themselves in during the third inning. Weeks, Kendall, and Nelson all hit homers, and each finished the day with two RBI. Mark DeFelice was the guilty pitcher, giving up six runs in the first two innings. My boy Todd Coffey was credited with the win. Nelson gets POTG honors for the second straight day.

Now go turn on FSN Wisconsin.


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