Tuesday, March 31, 2009

McGehee's Walk-Off Leads Crew Past Mariners

So a two-run, walk-off blast that gives you six bombs for Spring Training means you make the team, right? Or do you get screwed because you have more options remaining than some wash-up like Mike Lamb? Hopefully, Casey McGehee's dramatic win was enough to clinch him a spot on the team, but we're not going to know for a couple of days yet. Either way, he played a major role in helping the Brewers knock off Seattle 9-7.

The Crew is hot right now. Not only is McGehee playing well, but so is most everyone else. Rickie Weeks continued his hitting streak, going 3 for 4 with an RBI. Fielder hit a home run as well which was a two-run shot in the 5th inning. Hell, even Mike Lamb, who I ripped on 45 seconds ago, found a way to knock in three runs.

On the mound, it was another quality start for Manny Parra, who gave up three runs in six innings, and struck out four. Carlos Villanueva got a nice inning of work in as well, and he's about to take a bit larger of a responsibility know that Trevor Hoffman has been sent to the DL. Hoffman's stint will probably be retroactive, so he may only have to miss four days. In the meantime, Villanueva will assume the closer duties.

In other news, Craig Counsell may or may not need surgery, while a few more guys were sent back down to the minors, none of which are too surprising. At least none of them were Casey McGehee. Not yet, anyway.

Box Score. TBC Player of the Game: Casey Mac.


??????? said...

So if Counsell does need surgery, then McGahee will probably get some time with the big boys. Ephemeral karma, but karma nontheless.

I agree ... it sucks that Casey & Duffy are headed to Nashville. But thankfully the Brewers aren't doing such a thing with their key players. These are bench guys.

Look at the Rays last year. Any baseball fan that had a pulse knew that Evan Longoria should have been their starting 3B on Opening Day. But they waited until like May. Why? I think it had to do with his "service clock". It came down to saving a little money in the future. That wasn't the case with Ryan Braun in '07 ... his defense just sucked.

I can forgive the Brewers for not bringing out their best bench guys for now. I'd rather have Duffy & McGahee up in April, but I understand it's a business too. Spring training is a weird time when the best & worst stats don't always mean much. Look on the bright side ... at least Duffy & Casey will get regular playing time so they'll be sharp in case they get promoted. I'd rather have that than have them kind of rotting away a little on the bench & then all of a sudden be called upon for regular duty.

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