Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tournament Thoughts

Loyal reader Chad Lyons just called me out for not blogging the tournament, and I have to agree with him. Where's this "semi-live" blog I promised? My bad. Much of the reason I haven't written anything yet is because I had to watch Lost before I could fully engage, and the video player is absolute trash. Between the buffering and the re-starts, it took a good two hours just to watch one episode. Not very pleased, ABC. Couple of thoughts about the day:

* Decent action so far, the Cal State Northridge / Memphis game had some people on upset alert, but everyone I'm with today easily predicted that Memphis would pull away late. I still think there will be a fairly major upset (larger than the 5/12 variety) sometime in the next two days. I'm looking at you, Duke.

* Glad that BYU lost, since I'm not a fan of Mormons. Sorry, but your religion doesn't make any sense. And my old Mormon girlfriend didn't put out in high school. So yeah...

* Not really sure what is up with all the announcers and their fake laughing. Lot of that going on today too.

* Shouldn't it be "N. IOWA" and not "NO IOWA". Seems weird.

* There's a crapload of people in The Bucky Channel bracket, but I think some of them found it because it's a public pool and not through our site. Which might make it harder for some of the loyal readers to win a shirt. Don't worry though, they'll soon be available for sale!

* However, not only will the first 3 people win a t-shirt, but I have just decided that whoever finishes in 83rd place as well as 247th place will also get one. Because I'm that nice.

* My final four in the Bucky bracket: Michigan State, Memphis, Pittsburgh, UNC. Tarheels over the Spartans.

* Still at work? Watch the games.

Be back in an hour.


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