Monday, March 2, 2009

Jimmy Fallon Is Actually Funny

Tonight is a big night if you're a Jimmy Fallon fan, as his edition of Late Night on NBC will premiere at 11:37pm Bucky Time tonight. I've always been lukewarm on the guy, but do anticipate watching his first show. He does have comedic talent, yes, but he's never really been able to do it for me. Other than starring in the failure that was "Taxi", he's probably most known for his skits on Saturday Night Live, but more so how he always ended up laughing in them. He doesn't get enough credit for his spot-on celebrity impressions though, which are shown in this clip where Jimmy fantasizes what it would be like if certain celebrities were to become a spokesperson for Troll Dolls.

If you do watch tonight, please do me one favor. Turn off the television before Carson Daly comes on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the thing about carson, is he is actually a good interviewer... he tends to be very comfortable with his guests... his writing is just putrid though. His monologues and skits are awful. His musical guests are usually decent.

Anonymous said...

Fever Pitch was a pretty good movie, especially for us baseball nerds.

He had a decent part in the movie Factory Girl with Sienna Miller & Guy Pearce. That was a pretty enjoyable movie about Edie Sedgwick & Andy Warhol.

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