Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cubs Shoutout By Crew

Man, I love it when the Brewers beat the Cubs, and I don't even care that is spring training. The Crew touched up Carlos Zambrano, probably one guy I don't like more than any other in baseball, for 2 runs in the second inning and it was all that they needed as they beat Chicago 2-0. Suppan got the win for the Brewers, while Yankee immigrant Chase Wright picked up the save.

Suppan pitched 3 innings and racked up three strikeouts, much better game than his debacle over a week ago. Mike Lamb picked up an RBI while Mike Cameron and Corey Hart scored the 2 Brewer runs. J.J. Hardy had a nice 2-3 day with a triple off of Big Z. Lorenzo Cain, a up and coming CF, picked up a pinch hit walk and a stolen base. Brewer play of the game could go to J.J. Hardy, but I think Suppan has to get it for setting the tone.

Shot through the Box and your to blame, you give Scores a bad name.

The spring Crew sit a 5-3 and take on the K.C. Royals this afternoon. A post of the games events should be up at some point tonight.

(AP Photo By Chris Carlson)


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