Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bucks Lead For the 8th Seed Again... By .001

Let's think about this for a moment, shall we? The Bucks are currently 31-38. Normally a record that has you thinking about your chances in the lottery. But not Milwaukee. With that record, they are currently the 8th seed for the Eastern Conference playoffs, as their .449 winning percentage is higher than the Bulls .448. This Bucks team is seven games under just being average, but if the season ended today they would have a 1 in 16 chance (give or take) of winning the NBA Championship. 

I think this is awesome.

Obviously, I wish the Bucks didn't suffer the injuries they have suffered this year and I wish that their postseason fate was a little more clear. But I'm really enjoying the fact that we are competing for a playoff seed even though we seem to only play well one night a week. I'm enjoying that if Milwaukee gets into the playoffs, they'll have a losing record, and we'll spark the annual debate for a re-seeding of the "tournament", as one of the ESPN anchors call it. 

I like it because they are the underdog. I like it because they have no business being there. I like because they have nothing left to lose. For some reason, it's more fun rooting for a team that is seven games under .500 battling for the 8th seed than it would be rooting for a team that is seven games over .500. I can't really explain it better than that, hopefully you get what I'm saying.

The Bucks find themselves in this position after a monster win against the Boston Celtics on Sunday, winning 86-77. Boston lead for most of the first half, but then the Bucks took over in the second. My brother was at the game and said it felt like "the Bucks lead by three points the entire second half". That is, until Charlie Bell hit a big three and Milwaukee extended the lead for good. Yay!

So does Bell get player of the game for the big shot? Well, no, he only had 4 points. In fact, no Buck had more than 19 points, even though this was a game where Kendrick Perkins lead the scoring with 26. Charlie V will get the prestigious honors for his 11 4th quarter points. Also, kudos to all the Bucks for holding the Celts to 77 points.

I see the sunset in your eyes. (Seriously, just an awful episode of Family Guy going on as I type this.)

There's your Winks-style Bucks recap, Bear will be back on Wednesday. Oh yeah, here's that Wave recap I wrote, for the none of you that are interested. Your first-place Milwaukee Wave, that is!


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