Saturday, March 21, 2009

That Might Have Been The Most Fun Ive Ever Had Watching Wisconsin

I've been pretty down on the Badgers all year, I will admit that. But unlike how I feel about their football program (I'm a bandwagon fan, at best), I absolutely love their basketball squad. It was tough for me to watch them struggle this season, but I was never uncertain that they were going to make the NCAA tournament, even during their six game losing streak. Nonetheless, there was no way in hell I expected them to beat Florida State on Saturday night.

What I would end up watching would be one of the best games I've ever watched as a fan of the Wisconsin Badgers. Maybe it was because I was still looking for revenge after the football loss in the bowl game, maybe it was because I trying to forget the sadness that was this wasted basketball season in the Big Ten. Maybe it was because I was a tad bit tipsy, or maybe it was because March Madness still was looking for it's Madness (this game definitely did that, with help for the Ohio State/Siena matchup). No matter what the reason, I can't remember a time I was more into a Badger game.

Earning my love way before Trevon Hughes made and Woos (college buddy) J in our P's, Keaton Nankivil continued to prove why he is my favorite Badger this season, and hopefully for years to come. Buckingham U. Blogger has more sober thoughts on last night's contest, so I recommend them for you.

Up next for the Badgers? Xavier. Do I think they can beat them, well no, I don't. But I didn't think the Badgers would beat Florida State, either. No matter what, it's going to be one hell of a game, and I can't wait until tip-off.

As for the "anonymous" reader who said they'd never read us again, welcome back. I'm sorry I didn't get this up sooner, but I'm in the craziest fantasy baseball league known to the common man, and that took priority today. My bad.


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